The use of curtain has been there since time immemorial, and the designs keep on changing. Curtains have evolved from the primitive to modern ones, and primitive curtains are curtains that were used in earlier times and some people are still using them now if they would want the room to have the traditional feeling. The living room is one place that the primitive curtains can be used to bring about a unique look and comfortable feeling. Primitive curtains are used in the country style or rustic interiors as they complement a simple design.

Some of the primitive types of curtains for the living room are:

  • Curtain with lace- the laces are used as decoration and can be placed at different points on the curtain, i.e., the bottom or in the middle. The lace can have different patterns, flowers or animals to make them decorative. For the thicker laces, they can be used as curtains as they are not transparent, and they don’t let in much light like the lighter laces. This type of laces can be plain or have a few decorations on them.
  • Checked curtains- these are curtains that have checks on them, and they can be placed either on different parts of the curtain or the whole curtain can be checked. The checks can be of one color or even be of various colors so as to create a unique uniformed pattern.
  • The prairie design is a common primate design that gives an old fashioned charm to the living room windows. The prairie curtain comes in pairs, and they can either be pleated, gathered or scalloped with flowers or checks on the edges or just be plain.

Primitive curtains are made from natural materials such as:

  • Cotton which is easy to maintain and clean. It is also a cheaper material
  • Burlap- this is a tightly woven, heavyweight fabric that is odorless but has been sanitized to remove natural oils. When you make curtains from this kind of material, it will give your home the burlap theme look. You can also choose to complement it with other decor in the living room.
  • Jacquard- this is material whereby the patterns on the fabric are woven instead of being printed. The fabric is stretchy but has durable characteristics. It has two types of materials, where one is called the damask and the other the brocade. Damask is woven into one color has very elaborate patterns in it while brocade is woven into many colors and it is best for curtains.
  • Linen- which is easy to clean and maintain too.

It is a good idea to combine the primitive curtains with different styles and colors of furniture, wall color or design in the living room. Also use a primitive curtain rod such as a wrought iron or even a tree branch and tiebacks to complete that rustic look.