The living room is an important place in a house, and it should reflect one’s personality and character. It should be welcoming and one should feel comfortable while in it, whether during the day or at night. The type of curtains in the living room windows has evolved over the years, and the curtains and drapes are changing with the modern times.  Curtain designers are making curtains with more elaborate details and designs to suit different tastes and purposes. There are also brightly colored or have pastel color, different patterns and also different ways to which they are put on the windows.

There are different interesting and creative modern curtain ideas that could make your living room look modern and pleasant, and some ideas include:

  • Blinds- these are best for small windows as they fit exactly to the shape of the window without hiding any decorative details on the window. During the day, the blinds can be folded and remain just elegant and stylish, or you can tie them with a decorative tieback. You can combine the blinds with panels if you would want to have some privacy and also add warmth to the living room.
  • Floor to ceiling curtains or drapes-these are the kind of curtains that hung from the ceiling and flow down to the floor. Their length may be either one or two inches falling on the floor or more than two inches falling on the floor. This is becoming common, especially people with higher ceilings and long windows. You can choose to have a neutral tone or have the curtain with different colors and patterns.
  • Initially, curtains were hung from the curtain boxes, but this has changed with modern times, and curtains can hang from the curtain rails or the tray ceiling and flow directly to the floor. Grommet headings and rings are inserted at the top of the curtains to balance the curtains or drapes, and they are tied back by different rings or bands so that they can allow natural light to enter into the living room.
  • Instead of having curtain rods or rails, you can hang the curtains close to the wall to give a streamlined look from the ceiling to the floor.
  • You can also layer a mixture of curtains so as to create a unique design. This is done by pairing different colorful sheers and curtains so that they can bring out a bright, modern feeling.
  • Traditional curtains had a lot of prints and florals and with the recent times, this is also coming back. Large prints and florals are very noticeable, and they will give the room a modern feeling.
  • Mismatched curtains can also be used in a living room that has more than one window, but of different sizes and shapes. The curtains and sheers used are placed such a way that no much difference is seen on the windows part from the different colors.