Ways Windows Give A Great Aperture

Are you seeking to add color, style and pattern to your living room and just don’t know how? Well, there’s a quick fix for that. You might not notice instantly, but windows are a great way to add a little treatment and space to your living room. After all, this is kind of the first impression of the rooms. Modern panels and curtain designs have sprouted to create stunning window treatments, leaving people in confusion. What works for what? Do I have to redesign my living room to fit into the window arrangement? How do I find what works for me? All valid questions, soon to be answered.

Styles To Consider

Have you ever watched a Greek ancient movie and just fallen in love with the interior? Well, so have thousands of people from all over the world. This is what is referred to as the grommet style for curtains. This way you get the uncut look of sheer crisp folds and a clean look that reeks of royalty. The fact that they hook to a track system makes them smooth to open without any tagging.

If you are bold and in fact love the idea of a splash of color, consider the Roman approach of things. Why not incorporate a pattern into your windows with dramatic palettes running from floor to ceiling? This a great way to add a punch to your window treatment, a great example would be to use ikat. However, keep in mind how the other accessories will aid in tempering the space. I would recommend a neutral furnish with bold statement curtains.

We have all evolved from the days of mid hanging curtains. Long gone are the days our windows look like they are wearing skirts. Say hello to ceiling-to-floor sophistication. People are opting to build bungalows with high ceilings as compared to the past. Therefore, long drapes of contemporary hues are on demand more than anything else.

If you are more into functionality added to the beauty, consider going with super modern blinds and shades that are designed to maintain as much natural light as possible. These are environmentally friendly and ensure complete blockage of UV rays and goes the extra mile of absorbing heat. This gives you the flexibility of a great view and excellent solar shades.

Layers are something that are coming up this year. Maintaining a drapery look is something you ought to consider, especially if you live in Canada! Just Kidding. This is the perfect solution for places that experience extreme cold weathers as they keep warm air, and during the summer keeps your furniture from fading. You could go throw in a couple of holdbacks to keep it classy. Some things just never go out of style.

Lastly, keep it simple. This is the face of the house. Too much clutter and you end up with just a hot mess.