The living room is an important part of any house, and it is the area people get to sit and relax. It is mostly situated immediately after the front door, so it is the first space that people enter into when they come into the house. It contains furnishings such as the sofas, coffee table, rugs and others. While decorating your living room, you should also consider the curtain that you put on the windows as you need to lighten up the living room with eye-catching curtains. Some of the living room curtains ideas are:

  • Make a bold step and go beyond the basic neutral curtain by having curtains that have heavy patterns and are colored. This will add more color and pattern into the living room, especially if the wall paint is of one color such as white. They will also draw attention to the windows and make a small living room feel roomier and relaxing.
  • Dark, heavy curtains are best in making the room much warmer, and they shut out any light from the outside especially at night. With this option, chose curtains that have floral print or patterns that are soft and uniform so that the dark color of the curtain doesn’t overwhelm the room.
  • You can opt to go all neutral in the living room. That is, choosing a neutral color such as gray, white or ivory and get furniture and colors of the same color. This adds more light and warmth to the room while creating a relaxed mood.
  • Another idea is layering opaque curtains with sheers. The sheers which could be plain or have deep colors will let in light and also guarantees one privacy when the curtains are opened. The curtains, when closed at night, don’t allow any light into the living room and can reflect the living room light hence creating a cozy ambiance.
  • Just like in the traditional times, you can choose to coordinate your furniture with your curtains. The pattern on the seats or cushions should have the same patterns and colors as the curtains. You could also choose to match your curtains with the wallpaper. This makes the room feel more serene and traditional.
  • If you live in an area that is warm, or you need to change your curtains in the summer, you should consider getting brightly colored, lightweight curtains that will reflect the sun into the room. Replace the heavy curtains with drapes of one color or mix them to match your furniture. Avoid getting dark colors as they absorb a lot of heat and they could make the room much hotter.

Living room curtains are now becoming unique and more people are choosing floor to ceiling curtains. These are best, especially for houses that have high ceilings and loft spaces, and they are much longer than the windows, and they touch the floor.  The long curtains give the room a sophisticated look, and you can choose right and contemporary colors to custom your living room.