Getting the right curtain for your living room may seem a tasking process as you need to consider some things before buying. The living room is a place where people will sit and relax after a long day or even entertain their visitors. The living room decoration and furniture should be appealing to the eyes, hence so much consideration should be taken when choosing decor, curtains, and furniture. When choosing the curtains and drapes for the living room, you should consider a few things such as:


you could choose curtains that complement or contrast your furniture and other decors in the living room. Choose colored, patterned curtains when you have a wall that has a neutral color to create that dramatic feeling to your windows. You could also choose a neutral color such as ivory, white or gold colors and match everything to create a relaxed mood. If you would want to draw attention to the room, consider having curtains and drapes that are in striking colors like the striped patterns. For a laid back living room have curtains in neutral colors.


this is determined by how much light you want to enter into and out of the living room. If you would want a lot of light, then you should consider sheer curtains and drapes as they allow more light than heavy fabric curtains. With heavy curtains, they will allow less of natural light.  However, light fabric is the best for the living room as people will enjoy more of the natural light. Choose colors that are not brightly colored if there is too much direct sun to avoid fading out the color.


there are different curtain lengths that you can choose from, and you have to measure from the rod to the floor before hanging your curtains. Remember to consider how full you would want your curtain to be when you are measuring. Curtains can either be short i.e. just touching the window sill, slightly touching the floor, an inch or two falling on the floor or even more than two inches draping the floor. The floor to ceiling curtains are becoming common with most people nowadays, and this depends on how high the ceiling is. If you hang your curtains close to the ceiling, it will add more height to the room.


when choosing drapes or curtains, the fabric is quite important as it determines how the curtain will be used in the room. Get lightweight fabric if in warm areas or the summer and get heavy fabrics in the winter or if you would like to block off so much light from entering the room. The type of material you choose will also be determined by how much privacy you would want. Light curtains will definitely let in some light, hence privacy is not guaranteed.