How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bay Windows. There are a number of homeowners who would want to have a living room or bedroom that is accentuated with bay windows that allows bright sunlight into the room. Bay windows are usually in three sections and they protrude from the wall. This window style allows light to enter in different angles and also enhances the room’s architectural design and it is a lovely addition to a home. However, choosing the right curtains for bay windows can be quite tricky, as this type of window protrudes from the walls with three or seven angled sections; this makes it hard to use standard curtain rods. The curtains for bay windows must be able to complement the architectural design of the windows, and also must be able to frame the natural beauty of the bay windows without dominating the window dressing.

How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bay Windows and Design Ideas

There is a huge range of curtains for bay windows that you can choose from. These curtains may vary in colors, designs, and styles. The best curtains are those that accent the architectural features of the bay windows. There are some bay windows that have one large center window and have two smaller side ones. However, bay windows can still vary in details thus it is vital to take into account the style of the house as well. For instance, one must take into account the color of the wall, as well as the view outside. It is also vital to take into account the interior decor of the home whether it is modern, romantic, rustic, or other style, the curtains for bay windows must go with it. Below is a list of stuff you would need on How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bay Windows.

List How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bay Windows

Roman Shades. Classic roman shades or even the roll-up blinds are among the best options when choosing curtains for bay windows. This curtain idea will keep your window tidy and uncluttered. Shades and blinds are also very versatile since it can be easily drawn if you want some privacy, but can also be rolled up to let sunlight into the room. When choosing the color of the shade or blind, you can keep it simple if it frames your garden. If it frames the city view, you can choose bold and bright patterns and textures.

Sill-length Curtains. This curtain idea is great for bay windows that have built-in features beneath the sill. You can choose a still-length curtain style with a simple header to keep the focus on the bay window’s architecture. You can also consider curtains with top pleats hung with hooks or rings.

Cafe Curtains. This half-length cafe curtains is best for bay windows if you want to have a casual space, and this style is best for the kitchen or the living room. This type of curtain covers only the lower half of each window thus it works best in rooms where you won’t need complete privacy. When choosing cafe curtains for bay windows, you can choose a lightweight fabric since this doesn’t result to glass-blocking bulk at the sides once you open the curtains. This is important to How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bay Windows.

Lastly How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bay Windows

Floor-length Curtains. This curtain style is the most common choice for bay windows since it complements it and works with any kind of interior decor. The length of this curtain style means you can choose different header styles, you can choose French, box, and top pleats which is perfect for any kind of decor. Pencil pleats and back tabs typically go well with modern and casual rooms. You can also choose one-piece styles with boards metered which follows the shape of the bay window. This curtain idea for bay windows is very elegant and can be installed neatly. Thanks for reading on How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bay Windows.