Curtains For Living Room

Your living room is the center of the house where you and your family members spend the best time together. Regardless how well furnished it is, you can enhance the look of your living room by putting up beautiful curtains that match with your interior in order to truly make your living room beautiful. With curtains you can portray the royalty and richness of your living room perfectly. When you pick the right curtains for your living room you will notice the difference immediately.

People are often unsure which curtains their living room needs. When picking out curtains you have to look at all the options you have and think carefully. While some want curtains for the privacy the curtains provide in the living room, others are looking to block the sun out completely in the evening. There are also those who love the natural light, in which case, they wouldn’t mind equipping their living room with see-through curtains.

Your living room curtains should be elegant and make your guests jealous. Many people often prefer curtains that give privacy, but don’t block out the sun, curtains like that can be closed most of the time and you don’t have to open and close them all the time. More natural and balanced colors often fit great in the living room, especially if you want a rustic look in your living room. Light curtains allow you to read your book even when your curtains are closed.

Others gray curtains made of two layers and a set of sheers. These curtains also do a good job of letting light through and at the same time giving them privacy. Plus, they can darken the living room by just pulling the curtains shut. A lot of people who often go for this setup it matches perfectly with their furniture, they prefer playing safe by keeping matching colors in order to not make things look too much out of place, especially as most furniture tends to be gray or black. Completing your living room furniture should play a part in your choice of curtains.

People who occasionally fall asleep on the sofa or living room rug prefer black curtains that block out the bright morning sun in order to allow them to sleep through those early morning rays. Such curtains tend to feature thermal-insulated materials which help block light and retain warmth. These curtains are usually easy to install and they give a great look to your living room and are always ready to make your living room as dark as possible. These curtains are often made of heavy polyester fabric, but have a silky feel and look really great. Curtains also protect your carpets, furniture and your paintings from damage from the sun and help reduce glare on your computer screens and TV.

Curtains vs Blinds

If you are thinking of getting blinds instead of curtains, then we’ve listed couple of reasons below why you should go with curtains.

Curtains add visual elegance to your living room

Where both vertical and horizontal blinds just cover your window and block out the sun completely, they don’t do much in style and are boring, curtains on the other hand make your room look a lot more classy. You can even get curtain poles in a variety of styles, ranging from simple metal curtain poles to elegant wood ones. Finials (which are the decorative ends of the curtain poles), also come in all shapes and sizes, this way you are sure to find a style that suits your living room and your taste.

When you curtains are open they border your window and make it look like a beautiful painting.

Curtains and curtain tracks or poles can be bent to fit a bay window

Blinds are usually not suited for oval windows, plus vertical blind will leave your living room looking more like an office. A curtain track or curtain pole can be tailored and bent to suit a bay window and make the whole atmosphere in the room a lot more warm. Similarly, curtain tracks are also more flexible and can be made to fit a wide range of different shaped windows.

Increased fitting Pliancy

Some of today’s most up-to-date windows and patio doors open inwards, thereby leaving little space to fit curtains. With curtain tracks which can be as small as 5mm as well as some that can even be mounted into your ceiling, this will leave plenty of room for your window or door to open inwards.